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Gold Plated Raw Opal Ring
Gold Plated Raw Opal Ring
Gold Plated Raw Opal Ring

Gold Plated Raw Opal Ring



This delicate Australian opal ring was hand crafted by the lovely Bailey in Atlanta, Georgia. It is stunning on it’s own, and also perfect for layering up with one of Bailey’s other rings. It is an especially thoughtful gift to those born in October, as opal is October’s birthstone.

These are made with genuine Australian opals, which will vary slightly depending on the ring. The opal sits on a delicate 14k gold-filled shank, which has been dipped in 24k gold, making this a beautiful piece that will stay a vibrant gold colour for many years.

Please note that your ring may vary ever so slightly from the picture, as each ring is completely hand made. Each ring is considered one-of-a-kind.



This ring features a 14k Gold-filled shank and is dipped in real 24K gold for a deeper colour.

This means your ring will not turn your skin green, and will be able to sustain heavy wear, scratches and nicks. The shank will also not tarnish any more than pure 14k gold would, but you may need to use a light microfiber polishing cloth every few years to keep the color bright and shiny. 

All pieces are completely handmade by Bailey in her home studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Size Guide: 

US 6 | UK L | EU 51 1/2

US 7 | UK N | EU 54

US 8 | UK P | EU 56 1/4 


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Gold Plated Raw Opal Ring

Gold Plated Raw Opal Ring

Gold Plated Raw Opal Ring
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