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Speckled Mug

Speckled Mug



This is a beautiful speckled cup made entirely by hand by the lovely Hollie in her seaside Portsmouth studio. 

This is a one of a kind piece was made using a 'pinching' technique, which means that the main tools used were her own two hands. Therefore, this charming little mug will have a slightly uneven and wobbly form. We believe that this is something to be celebrated and adds to each pot's character!



Diameter (from above) - tbc

Height (roughly) - tbc

Diameter of base - tbc

Stoneware Clay

Glazed with a lead-free food safe glaze. 

Please note that the glaze coverage may vary and there may be some small imperfections in the surface of the glaze, as each stage of the process is done by hand..



Nice Pear Ceramics


Speckled Mug

Speckled Mug

Speckled Mug
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